Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The people that get stuff done.

Dr Simon Thompson


As our resident tame Psychiatrist and big thinker, Simon is uh... Boss No.1. He has served both in the Army and the RAF before re-training as a Doctor in his 40s. As a result, he is uniquely qualified to treat and support veterans recovering from PTSD

Jon Pallas


If Simon is the beauty, then Jon is the brains. He is Chief Numbers Man and Boss No.2, working with Simon to transfer their ideas into reality. Having served in the Army with the Royal Engineers in his younger years, he now works in food packaging for his day job - not quite as exciting.

Sally Pallas

Administrator and Competitor Coordinator

All round Wonder Woman. She is a Fountain of PentUp knowledge and can solve any problems you have, while keeping the rest of us in check.

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Neil Sweeney

Fundraising Coordinator

Ex-Esher Rugby Player and our B.F.G, Neil (A.K.A Ginger Ninja) is super organised and has a talent both for making lists and more importantly getting people to do whats on them. Quite frankly if he wasn't on the team, I have no idea where we would be...


Georgia Pallas

Administrator and Competitor Coordinator

When Georgia took on the challenge of giving a fencing lesson to Simon, she had no idea what she was letting herself in for. As a former GB Pentathlete she is the only one on the team who actually knew what we were all letting ourselves in for, and really should have tried harder to talk us all out of it.

Dave the Dog

Rescue dog Dave serves a largely decorative role in the team given that his chronic Lazy Dog Syndrome meaning he is almost always asleep. When he is awake however, he works as a Part-Time Model for our clothing, and Ball Boy.

Major Rebecca Harrison

Army Modern Pentathlon

Bex has not only done a great job keeping us all in check while preparing for the event but organised everything 'army' in the event. I'd list everything but if I were to reel of each little thing Bex did we would be here for a VERY long time so, on this one, you're just going to have to trust me!

Sue Hyde

Having run Pentathlon GB (the national governing body of Modern Pentathlon in Great Brition) her words of wisdom were invaluable to us in helping get this event off  the ground, and converting it to 'just an idea' to the event.

Meet the Coaches

Nick Payne

Fencing Coach


He's the closest we've got to a real Jedi Knight (and even has the light sabres to prove it). Having been British Number 1, England Captain,  and Commonwealth Bronze Medalist,  he's very useful indeed and certainly knows his stuff . So much so he in fact that he refereed a Fencing Final at the London 2012 Olympics.

Steve Banting

Riding Coach

Steve has bravely over seen the progress of our riders from day one (which believe me can be quite scary at the start) and helped people get back on the horse, sometimes more literally than we would like...

James and Caroline Deayton

Shooting Coaches

An iconic-duo that have worked wonders with our competitors. Suprised that most of the Veterans at the start of the programme couldn't hit a barn door, these two have worked - some could give James Bond a run for his money.

Meet the Participants

Leo Mackinnon

Chris Wise

Brian Higgins

Jo Willmott

Nick Gardyne

Otto Benz

Alex Stobbs

Steve Bingley

Harry Card

Matt Pain

Alan Broome

Peter Barnes

Catherine Davis

Wendy Morris

Rich Wallman

Stephen Alexander

Howard Jasper

Sean Hemans

Tony Quinn

Phil Boucher

Jen Bamford

Ben Claxton

Harry Claxton

Jayne Hardy

Olivia Withers