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Hi all,

Here is the low down on how all 5 phases of the PentUp pentathlon will be run for our event. There are some some changes were have made to the traditional format to make the event more accessible for all, and so make an exciting competition! I have broken it down into each phase and explained everything so (hopefully) should help your understanding of whats going to happen, however if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask 🙂

Combined event (Shooting and Running)

This will be the last phase of the competition (phew) and will involve a 2.4km run, and a laser shoot.  All competitors will have had chance to practice using the same gun as you will be shooting with beforehand for 10 targets (so hopefully you will have your eye in for the race), and do a warm up run. The race will start with a shoot where you will be 7m away from the target, and each competitor must hit the bulls eye 5 times in the allowed 50 seconds. After 50 seconds, if this is not achieved you must set off on your run and try and move up some places! The run will be done in blocks  of 800m, and you should practice before hand and find a pace for you with means you aren’t too fast that you are totally puffed out for the shoot, or too slow as that your’e out of the race. This sequence of shoot, run, shoot, run, shoot and run (although this last phase will probably be more of a sprint!) for all groups


All athlete will have chance to warm up as long as they like prior to the event taking place, in preparation for the 100m race (or 4 laps). The race will be freestyle (meaning you may do any stroke you like) so make sure prior to the event you should test out a range of strokes and see which one works best for you, and practice that: for most people this is either front crawl or backstroke. There is not much to this phase than that, just jump in when the whistle blows, swim as fast as you can for the race, finishing by touching the pool edge with both hands,  and then hop out of the pool for a nice shower.

Although it is not required, we recommend that everyone taking part wears good fitting swim wear (to avoid any embarrassing accidents) and wear goggles. If you find that your goggles keep on slipping of your head in practice then try a swimming cap to give them more grip.


Much like the swimming there is relatively little to be explained here and is very simple. All athletes will be split into poules (just a fancy french word for tournament, and is essentially a group) and will fence everyone in their poule. Each fight will be of 2 hits, and you may jab your opponent wherever you like and if you hit each other at the same time a double hit will be awarded.

All appropriate fencing great will be provided on the day, however you are welcome to buy your own kit if you would like. We have a 20% discount available from PBT, which you can email me for the details of 🙂

Horse riding

On the day of the event you will be randomly paired with your noble steeds. Once it is your turn, you have 15 minutes and 5 warm up jumps to get to know your horse before you head into the ring to complete your 12 jumps. The aim is to complete the course with out any faults (which includes knocking a pole to the floor, and run outs) as you will loose points for doing so.

Before the event, you will be assessed and leveled by a member of PentUp team where we will have a quick discussion with you and observe your riding to choose at what level you should compete. The levels are as follows:

Level 1 : All poles will be on the ground, and the rider may have assistance with them in the ring, and will simply be required to walk and steer horse over the course poles.

Level 2:The course will increase in hight from poles on the ground to cross poles and vertacles of up to 50cm

Level 3: The course will begin with 50cm cross poles and increase in height, ending with verticals of up to 80cm.

Hopefully this all makes sense, but if you have any further questions just ask 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week, and I will continue to update this page in the upcoming weeks so keep you eyes peeled


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