About Us

What is Pentathlon?

The sport itself was conceived by Baron Pierre de Coubertin as the ultimate Olympic sport test. It captured the struggles and challenges of a fictitious messenger delivering an important message across hostile territory using his skills in shooting, running, horse riding, swimming, and fencing. While In the PentUp Pentathlon we still use the basic format of each of the 5 sports, we have made some alterations from the traditional Olympic format to make the event more inclusive to all.

Why Pentathlon?

Modern Pentathlon uniquely lends itself as being a suitable sport to aid the recovery of veterans in light of the difficulties they face. For example, while fencing is a combat sport the face of the opponent is covered with a mask as not to trigger unwanted emotions. Similarly laser pistols are use in place of conventional pistols, and with the riding phase veterans must keep calm and steady to ensure a succesfull ride.With weekly training sessions for all 5 disciplines, the work they do reinforces the skills they have honed in adversity and continue their desensitisation, socialisation, and reintegration. Through their achievements we hope to challenge perceived understanding and stigmas against mental health.