Show Jumping

On competition day, competitors will be strapped to a randomly selected, unknown horse. They have 15 minutes to warm up, before completing 12 jumping efforts in the ring. In other words, this phase is the art of keeping the horse between you and the ground..

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This is a freestyle race meaning anything goes, even doggy paddle, over the course of 4 lengths. Bright pink swim shorts and shark swimming hats are optional.

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Rules are simple here in this 3 hit fight: hit your opponent more than they hit you. This fast paced phase of the competition has little room for error, and if you happen to make too many you will certainly have the bruises to prove it

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Combined Event

When shooting and running alone seem too easy, you combine them to make this final phase. Competitors must hit 5 targets with precise accuracy in-between their intervals of running combining strength and stamina. Expect to see some sprint finishes here.

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Our Mission

Mission: Provide post-clinical support for British Veterans recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Method: Train a select group of Veterans, and Civilians in support of our cause with weekly training to compete in the PentUp Pentathlon at the end of the programme

Time Frame: Competitors have 8 months to master shooting, running, show jumping, swimming, and fencing.

We are delighted to announce that Pentathlon GB (the national governing body of Modern Pentathlon) and British Army Modern Pentathlon have joined forces with us to make this event possible.

Modern Pentathlon being one of Team GB’s most successful Olympic sports in history, it seems fitting that such a challenge is presented to our athletes.

Help Us

No matter how you choose to support our cause, your donations and support will go directly to helping the lives of our ex service men and women